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PROMOTE US to AT LEAST 3 PLACES! Provide a link...we will check.

2004-12-30 00:44 (link)

Favorite bands:Thursday,Senses Fail,Underoath,Brown Eyed Deception, TBS, Famous last words
Favorite Movies:The Crow, Zoolander, Light It Up, The Program, How High, and Friday
What comes to mind when you hear "Panochas Ryders"?:Mexican Food Damn Im hungry I like enchiladas
Piercings/tattoos?:yes on my left ear
Why should we accept you?:Cause im one bad-ass motha fucka

abortion:it shouldnt happen I think u should give ur baby away for adoption if u cant afford it or dont want it
sXe:sorry lol i thought it meant sex well straight edge is fuckin awsome if u can do it but alot of people cant
piercings:I like them in some places i have my left ear pierced
tattoos:depends where it is if its small its pretty kool
Lil john:dont like him I sort of think he doesnt really have any talent
hXc:i dont know what that is
el paso:i like it, alot of people dont but i think it could be alot worse
president:i don really like his way to go bout things but i guess we have to deal with him 4 more years
techno:it ok i guess but i would rather prefer other music
the "scene":? what scene i dont get it??
AT LEAST 3 CLEAR pics. of yourself: sorry dont have any pics if i did though i would but most of u know what i look like anywayz
Last words?:Lataz dawgs!!
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u did not put time into it and no pics or links sucka
There is time now,i dont have any pics,and links of what??
i would let u get away with no pix or links.... but u have to put time into it dude!! u just were like uh, ya, no, ?
AND BITCH! sXe isnt sex!! its straightXedge lol everyone thinks its sex
Ok time is in now
ok whats with people and thinking sXe means sex ITS NOT SEX ITS STRAIGHT EDGE. OK STRAIGHT EDGE. oh yeah and yes cause ur my homeboy. and u shouldnt put male as sexuality it gives a wrong impression. and we are all already a lil iffy on ur sexuality
dude lol shawn said it meant the same as gender lol!
nah dude it means what team u play for


13 years ago



13 years ago

eeeesssshhh i have no pics or i dont know what links are but i put time in it now
but cos ur one of the first applying members and ur my dawg..... plus we gon' party like its 1999 for new years

Hell yeah Thanks bro!!
hahah who made the stick man?