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single/taken:single (give me a holla!)
Location:Hell Paso

PROMOTE US to AT LEAST 3 PLACES! Provide a link...we will check.

Favorite bands:

01/  Famous Last Words (El Paso)
02/  yarbrough
03/  [IsraelMireles]
04/  Underoath
05/  Rooney
06/  Sparta
07/  The Used
08/  Senses Fail
09/  Taking Back Sunday
10/  Pretty Boys with Sunshine Faces
11/  postalservice
12/  Motion City Soundtrack
13/  Number One Fan
14/  Lonisara
15/  Bright Eyes
16/  Cursive
17/  At the Drive In
18/  Jimmy Eat World
19/  Hot Water Music
20/  Reggie And The Full Effect
21/  A New Found Glorya
22/  Dashboard Confessional
23/  Thursday
24/  The Juliana Theory
25/  Coheed and Cambria
26/  Rilo Kiley
27/  Saves The Day
28/  Brazil
29/  tpp
30/  Rory Smile
31/  Pedro The Lion
32/  S t i m u l i s
33/  The Tiny

Favorite Movies:Moulin Rouge, romeo and juliet, fight club.
What comes to mind when you hear "Panochas Ryders"?:sex!
Why should we accept you?:because im fun, weird, good looking, and i can entertain very well (u know I can)

abortion:whatever you want. Who cares?
sXe:i dont know what that is...i fell dumb
piercings:very hot. but there can be too many.
tattoos:very hot.
Lil john:little bitch!
hXc:Its fun to listen to while having a good time. If your "hardcore" thats all right. Im not gonna be a hater just like all the other ignorant people in el paso.
el paso:I fuckinhg hate it. its so ignorant. its a big city that still thinks its a small town.
president:he's not my president!
techno:very nice. my music of choice.
the "scene"'s coming back to life again. Its been healed after what happened this summer. Thanks to all the new very good bands that are appearing out of the shadows.
AT LEAST 3 CLEAR pics. of yourself:

Last words?:Im not your homecoming-king/prom-fuck. I'll never be...
This application wasted my

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