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MOD//im a panocha ryder sucka!! ♥

Im allready the MOD...but wtf!? Im bored and why not apply because I didnt even have to fill out an application. hah.

BAM SUCKA!! <333

Name: Lesly
Age: 14
gender: female
sexuality: bi
single/taken: singe
Location: El Paso

PROMOTE US to AT LEAST 3 PLACES! Provide a link...we will check.
Go fuck yourself...im MOD

Favorite bands: Death Cab, as i lay dying, Underoath, Pink floyd, THE BLED, ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK, F.O.S (gotta support my boys <3), Daphne loves derby, The sounds, yeah yeah yeahs, hellogoodbye, the honorary title, Poison the well, Blondie, the postal service, Deftones..blah blah blah
Favorite Movies: The Labyrinth, The wall, ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW!, Napolean Dynamite, monty python and the holy grail, resident evil....blah blah blah.
What comes to mind when you hear "Panochas Ryders"?: You and me riding that shit all night long...
Piercings/tattoos?: only my ears, my parents are strict mofos
Why should we accept you?: Im allready accepted in, im just bored and have nothing better to do..

abortion: Completely up to the couple and the family.
sXe: Some of my best friends are sXe, do whatever you want!...but im not.
piercings: hot shit. Lip peircings turn me on <---lmao!
tattoos: hot shit
Lil john: YEEEEAAAAHHHH!!! WHAT!?!?!? OOOK!!!
hXc: sweet and hot <3
emo: same as ^
el paso: It has its advantages and disadvantages...but its home.
president: fuck bush! <3333 :]
techno: its rad sucka!
the "scene": its all a trend...

AT LEAST 3 CLEAR pics. of yourself: OK Photobucket is being really gay....so im just clicking on whatever and posting them....so yeah....

Last words?: BAM SUCKA!!! ♥
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