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I am a Panocha Ryder

single/taken:single as ever
Location:eastside el paso

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Favorite bands: Kenny Chesney, Hilary Duff and Disturbed
Favorite Movies: A Cinderella Story
What comes to mind when you hear "Panochas Ryders"?: i dunno i just laugh my ass off
Piercings/tattoos?: my eras are pierced
Why should we accept you?: because i am Heather and I am almost as perfect as Shawn lol =)

abortion:I think abortion is now used as a birth control and it shouldn't be....if you have to go get an abortion that means you aren't ready to take car of another life besides your own...which means you shouldn't be having sex in the first place. There are sooo many babies killed everyday because people don't know how to keep their legs closed. These babies didn't even have a chance to breathe because their mothers were too ignorant and self centered and can think of no one but themselves. Abortion is a touchy subject woth me because i know plenty of people who kept their kids because they knew that was the risk they took in having sex in the first place. Abortion should be put to a stop and shouldn't be as accesable as it is now!
sXe: if its with the person you love then more power to you
piercings: sure why not?
tattoos: im afraid of needles but i think the ones people design themselves are pimp
Lil john:who?
el paso:its a nice city.......better than some
president: i like Bush....this election was pretty close though, they both had great opinions and views on how they saw the american dream continuing. but i believe that bush started this war and he should be the one to finish it.
techno: its cool to watch people dance to it
the "scene": sure
AT LEAST 3 CLEAR pics. of yourself:

Last words?: nope that about covers it!

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